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Five Make-Ahead Slow Cooker Recipe Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Parties

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Unique Venues for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

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How to Decorate for a Tiana Party

The Princess and the Frog has inspired little ones everywhere to fall in love with Princess Tiana, frogs, and the southern bayou. A princess party featuring Tiana will be full of colorful decor and… Read More


Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Five Year Olds

When your kid is five, they’re in the prime of their themed birthday excitement years. At this point in their life, they probably have developed strong personalities and interests that will… Read More


Should I Hire a Party Planner?

Lots of people hire party planners to help them put all their birthday party ideas in motion smoothly and effortlessly. Some see this as an unnecessary expense when they have family and friends… Read More


Guide to Princess Party Dress-Up Ideas

If your little one has chosen a princess party for this year’s birthday, they’re likely imagining all the bells and whistles of a typical princess party, including dressing up as their favorite… Read More


Princess-Inspired Party Drink Ideas

A lot of emphasis is placed on the food that you serve at a birthday party. What kind of snacks will you serve? Are you serving a meal? What about a cake or dessert? No matter what kind of food you’ll set… Read More


Cookie Decorating Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday, try out something that you know they’ll love and will talk about for days after their birthday has passed. One idea that is… Read More


Surviving Sleepover Birthday Parties 101

Most kids will ask to have a sleepover birthday party at least once in their lives. It’s one of those childhood experiences that pretty much everyone can agree is a must-have before growing… Read More


How to DIY Your Kid's Next Birthday

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How to Decorate for a Frozen Party

Frozen is a cultural phenomenon that most of us just can’t escape from! Kids are drawn to it, and even birthday parties can’t escape the grasp of Anna and Elsa. If your little Frozen fan… Read More


Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Three Year Olds

Before kids are school-aged, parties seem to be more for the parents than for the kids. Most little ones are just happy spending time with family and friends and won’t care whether or not their parties have all the… Read More


How to Decorate for a Moana Party

A Moana party is a charming and exciting idea for your little one’s upcoming birthday. Moana’s story is one full of adventure and friendship, and what could be better things to celebrate than those?! Decorating your… Read More


Easy Food Ideas for Kids' Birthday Ideas

Searching for menu ideas for your kid’s birthday can be a little stressful, especially if you’ve decided to serve more than just cake and ice cream. Some birthday parties have themes that come along with built-in… Read More


Magical Decor Ideas for an Ariel Party

An underwater adventure is in store when you have an Ariel party for your little mermaid this year. Ariel’s fairytale is all about exploration and trying new things, and everything in her story makes for beautiful, perfect… Read More


Birthday Party Theme Ideas for 10 Year Olds

Ten year olds are at a unique age when their interests are as varied as their personalities, so there are so many exciting themes your kids will enjoy for their birthday party! Here are some popular birthday party theme… Read More


Snow White Party Decorating Ideas

Princess parties don’t get more classic than Snow White. When your little one wants to have a princess party honoring their favorite princess, Snow White, your mind might be spinning with decor ideas from the start. Snow White’s story… Read More


Fun Craft Ideas For Your Kids' Birthdays

So, you’ve got a group of ten seven-year-olds coming over this weekend for your kid’s birthday party. You’ve probably got all the basics covered, like food, a game, and a designated time to open presents. That might not take up the whole… Read More


Unconventional Birthday Party Ideas

An unconventional birthday party can really be the highlight of someone’s year, and it might seem like it takes a lot of planning, but there are so many ways to make a birthday party exciting, interesting, and outside the box. Here are some great… Read More


Cool Technology That Will Help You Throw a Better Birthday Party

Birthday parties are normally pretty classic. You have cake, you play a game, you open presents, you go home. In such a technologically advanced society, doesn’t it seem like we can evolve our party game a little bit? Here are three… Read More


How to Dress Up For a Princess Party

When your little girl chooses to have a princess birthday party, she might want to dress up (and have her friends dress up) for the big day, especially if there’s one specific princess who’s stolen her heart and imagination. If you’re suddenly… Read More


How to Throw a Princess Party on a Budget

It’s not impossible to throw a princess party that’s beautiful, fun, and memorable when you’re working with a small party budget. With a little planning and improvisation, you can come up with an amazing princess party to rival any with more money… Read More


Games to Play at a Princess Party

A princess party is a magical birthday gift! Your little girl will be delighted beyond her wildest dreams when you throw her an enchanting day full of princess fun and games. Many classic party games can easily be given a magical princess twist for… Read More