Cookie Decorating Birthday Party Ideas

Posted on July 9, 2018

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday, try out something that you know they’ll love and will talk about for days after their birthday has passed. One idea that is perfect for kids of all ages is a cookie decorating party. Kids love cookies, and what could be a better idea than turning a beloved treat into the focus of your child’s special day? Here are some tips for hosting a fun and delicious cookie decorating party.

Bake sugar cookies. Most often, hosts will bake the cookies ahead of time, usually the night before, so that there isn’t an overwhelming amount of baking that needs to be done the morning of the party. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe to serve up enough cookies to let all the little ones decorate to their heart's’ content. Make sure to bake enough for each kid to decorate a few cookies so the fun lasts longer than it will take to eat one! This delicious sugar cookie recipe will give you cookies that are perfect for cutting out in different shapes, which will make your cookie decorating party even more fun for the kids.

Use cookie cutters for a variety of fun shapes. A variety of cookie cutters will give the kids plenty of options for their decorating party. Having cookies in fun shapes will be a good way for your guests to customize their cookies and make the whole day even more exciting. You can stick to classic cookie cutter shapes like hearts and stars, choose cookie cutters that match a specific theme, or have a whole pile of different cookie cutters to create dozens of shapes for your guests. The shapes you choose will let the kids be creative with their decorating. Have you ever seen a teddy bear that’s red and covered in hot pink sprinkles? You’ll see lots of interesting combinations that will keep all the kids laughing and snacking on delicious treats.

Supply plenty of decorating supplies. Icing, sprinkles, and small candies will be great for cookie decorating. Set out colorful sprinkles and candy and have little bowls of frosting and food coloring so everyone can reach their tools. It’ll be easy for everyone to decorate to exactly how they want to when you set out a variety of toppings and sweets to make their cookies delicious. Their creativity will soar when you give them the opportunity to go wild with all kinds of cookie decorating techniques and supplies. As this might be a messy activity, it’s best to prepare your table with a disposable table cloth and plenty of paper towels. Avoid bottles of sprinkles or bowls of candy being knocked over by preparing a few small dishes of the same sprinkles for several different areas of the table so the kids don’t have to reach over each other for the popular goodies.

Give the kids bags or boxes to bring home their loot. Don’t forget to have take-home bags or boxes available for the kids to take home their creations, because after all, these can totally double as your party favors! Cellophane bags or thin boxes can work well for sending the kids home with their decorated sugar cookies. Decorating the bags or boxes will make them even more special. Whether you purchase premade boxes or bags or you want to DIY your own, it will be nice to have them available for your guests to be able to take home their treats to show off!

Your child will love having a cookie decorating birthday party. It’s an activity and a dessert all in one, and you’ll be glad you’ve come up with an exciting idea for their birthday party. Whip up a few batches of delicious shaped sugar cookies, set out some frosting, and gather some goodies for the kids to use as they decorate their creations. It’ll be a deliciously creative celebration!