Cool Technology That Will Help You Throw a Better Birthday Party

Posted on March 6, 2018

Birthday parties are normally pretty classic. You have cake, you play a game, you open presents, you go home. In such a technologically advanced society, doesn’t it seem like we can evolve our party game a little bit? Here are three really cool tech product ideas that will help you step up the technology at your kid’s next birthday party and earn you some props for being the one to come up with these ideas.

By now we all know about Amazon Alexa. It’s a speech-activated “personal assistant” you can find on the Echo and Dot devices. The great thing about Alexa is that not only will it tell you the weather or the score of the football game, but you can also play games with Alexa, something your party guests will definitely get a kick out of. Alexa will also play songs for you, so your kids can have an endless stream of exactly the right music all party long.

Lumenplay offers app-enabled lights that you can use indoors or outdoors, which opens up a ton of possibilities for interactive party decor. Not only does the app let you choose from tons of color combinations, making it easy for the lights to match your party’s color scheme, it’s also a music visualizer, so your kid’s favorite tunes can be playing and the lights will “dance” right along with it. Just imagine how awesome that will be for kids to interact with during a birthday party!

If your kid’s party theme is one for a favorite movie or character, you might want to have videos playing in the background, or have your guests watch during the party. And of course you can just have the TV on, but what if you want to make it even more special? You can rent projectors and movie screens from Fun Flicks. It will make the kids feel like they’re inside a movie theater, and it will be a fun addition to any birthday party, no matter the theme or ages of the kids attending.

Kids’ birthday parties can really benefit from cool technology. It’s a great way to add something unique to your party that serves a purpose along with just being awesome.