Decorating for an Aurora Party

Posted on December 4, 2018

Searching for decor ideas for your little one’s upcoming birthday party? The key to a wonderful and memorable Aurora or Sleeping Beauty party is to decorate with lovely and charming elements that will remind everyone of her magical tale. Get ready to decorate to make your party space a place fit for a princess!

Pale pink and blue are perfect for this party, because Aurora’s fairy godmothers fight about which color to make her dress! Using both colors throughout the party will evoke memories of Aurora’s fairy godmothers. Balloons, tablecloths, and streamers will look beautiful in a combination of blue and pink.

As Aurora lived in a cottage in the woods, rustic or woodland elements would be a lovely addition to your pink and blue wonderland! Moss and greenery will bring a lush, peaceful quality to your party, which will make it even more special for your little ones! Along with roses to represent Briar Rose, a rustic-style Aurora party is a unique way to bring your little one’s love for Aurora to the forefront of an exciting party.

There are so many ways you can decorate your Aurora party for maximum magical effect! If you prefer glitter and glam to simple and sweet, try an unexpected twist on common decor items. These glitter balloons will put some extra magic and shine into your party space. Another way you can add some extra magic to your party decor is to put the emphasis on the “sleeping” part of Aurora’s tale by throwing a slumber party-inspired Aurora party! Decorate with colorful pillows and blankets to make your Aurora party cute and cozy.

These Aurora party decor ideas will put you on the path toward a magical princess birthday party for your little one! Get ready to celebrate in style with your Sleeping Beauty-inspired party.