Guide to Princess Party Dress-Up Ideas

Posted on August 13, 2018

If your little one has chosen a princess party for this year’s birthday, they’re likely imagining all the bells and whistles of a typical princess party, including dressing up as their favorite princess. If the thought stresses you out, don’t worry. Here is a guide to dress up ideas for popular princess characters that your own little princess will love to don for the big day.


Outfit: Dressing up like Belle is simple, whether you prefer the more casual, blue-dressed Belle or the yellow-gowned princess. There are plenty of options for both younger children and older children. For younger ones, consider something like this golden Belle tutu dress. Older girls will love this Belle dress-up outfit that’s made from an apron! This blue dress tutorial shows you how easy it is to create a costume out of things your little one might already have in her closet.

Hair: Belle’s hairstyles are usually simple and made starting with loose waves or curls. She has a few iconic styles, including a braided ponytail or her hair pulled back with loose strands around her face. If your princess wants to emulate these kind of styles, check out hair tutorials, like this one for a braided ponytail with a bow.


Outfit: Sleeping Beauty’s dreamy style is perfectly princess-like. Light colors and fabrics will be perfect to emulate Aurora’s style. Whether your little one is more in love with Aurora’s blue dress or her pink dress, you can easily find a way to dress your sleeping beauty that will make her the belle of her princess party. This tutu-style Aurora costume is easy to make and will make your little girl feel like a princess.

Hair: This video tutorial shows how to get Aurora’s twisted, tied back hairstyle inspired by the movie Maleficent. It’s an easy style to do on a little girl’s hair, plus you can customize it with her favorite flowers, ribbons, or barrettes to customize the pretty hairstyle just for her!


Outfit: Moana’s iconic look can be recreated for little princess fans of all ages. This DIY tutorial from Houseful of Handmade uses red knit fabric and tassel trim to pay homage to the character’s island attire. Add extras like beaded or turquoise jewelry for even more island-inspired loveliness.

Hair: The long, loose curls that Moana sports throughout her movie are easy to achieve in real life! If your little one’s hair is naturally curly, you’re already good to go. If her hair is straight, curl it and finish off with a tropical flower tucked behind her ear!


Outfit: Cinderella has so many memorable outfits, but her blue princess ball gown is probably the most recognized. This tutorial will show you how to create a DIY Cinderella outfit without having to do any sewing. It’s perfect for an easy, sparkly frock to help your little one get into the princess party spirit!

Hair: The classic updo from the animated movie is one of Cinderella’s most iconic hairstyles. A big bun and a headband will give your little princess the perfect look. If you prefer to style your little one’s hair after the more modern version of the tale, try one of these waved and curled styles.

Snow White

Outfit: Snow White’s brightly colored outfit is cheerful and totally iconic. If your little princess wants to dress up like Snow White for her special day, try out this DIY version of Snow White’s attire that looks just like what she wore in her classic movie. For a little more modern take, this playful Snow White tutu will be perfect for twirling around at a princess birthday party!

Hair: Luckily, Snow White has a rather iconic hair accessory that will make anyone resemble the princess just by wearing it! A red bow or ribbon will instantly make your little girl more Snow White-like. Curling short or bobbed hair will be the finishing touch on this princess-inspired hairdo.


Outfit: If your little princess wants to dress up like Tiana on her big day, you have lots of options for how to make Tiana’s signature green gown. Try this cute and voluminous green dress to make your little girl feel like a princess! This post shows another version that is even accessorized with a little frog.

Hair: Tiana’s signature hairstyle is a big bun with curled tendrils hanging down. This tutorial will show you how to give your little girl a sock bun hairstyle that will imitate Tiana’s ’do. Top it off with her iconic leaf crown!


Outfit: Everyone’s favorite little mermaid has an iconic look, and luckily, it’s pretty easy to recreate using DIY elements. Whether you want to emulate Ariel as a mermaid or Ariel in some of her iconic human princess outfits, there are plenty of DIY tutorials out there for them all. This one shows you how to make a mermaid tail skirt! This tutorial is for Ariel’s black and blue human outfit.

Hair: Ariel’s long red locks are cause for envy, so imagine how excited your little girl will be when she gets to sport an Ariel-inspired hairstyle at her princess party. Use this video to help you perfect the swooping bangs. It will make her hair Ariel-like even if she isn’t a redhead.


Outfit: Merida’s style is pretty distinctive, with long, dark, forest-colored dresses in velvety-looking fabrics. Your little girl may want to dress as authentically as possible, in a version of a costume that looks something like this one, which will look similar to what Merida wears in her movie. For a more playful look, try this tutu dress that uses lighter, brighter colors.

Hair: Wild red curls are Merida’s signature look. Curl your little one’s hair with a small-barrelled curling iron, or opt for a red wig if you want to have the authentic style.


Outfit: Anna’s signature outfit is made from rich variations on blues, purples, and pinks, making it a lovely costume for any little one who’s excited for her princess party. Creating her look is pretty easy if you have fabric inspired by those same hues. Check out this tutorial that will show you how to make Anna’s outfit using a felt bodice.

Hair: Regular pigtail braids will look perfect when dressing up as Anna. It’s a simple hairstyle that will still make your little girl feel like a princess. Anna’s coronation hairstyle is another options, which has both braids and ribbons.


Outfit: Elsa’s light blue ice dress is easy to recreate if your little girl wants to look like Elsa at her upcoming princess party. Whether you’re having a winter birthday party or one in the heat of the summer, your little one is going to love this Elsa-inspired outfit that uses lots of sparkly tulle and snowflakes to pay homage to the movie gown that Elsa wears.

Hair: We can all recognize Elsa’s signature blond braid at a glance, which makes it the perfect hairstyle to wear when dressing up as the iconic character. Check out this in-depth tutorial that shows you how to curl your hair before braiding for the perfect Elsa braid!


Outfit: Rapunzel’s dress in Tangled is made of varying shades of pretty purple. Dress your little one in a look-alike dress that will make her feel like a princess. This tutorial will show you how to make a ribboned bodice and sparkly skirt. This one is an equally adorable purple Rapunzel gown that will be just the thing for a princess birthday party.

Hair: Her signature ultra-long golden hair is what we all think of when we think of Rapunzel, so the hairstyle will really complete the look. Check out this tutorial that will show you how to do a big five-strand braid like she wears in her movie. Add in flowers to emulate Rapunzel’s adorned braid.


Outfit: Princess Jasmine wears a lovely blue-teal outfit in Aladdin that would be a beautiful costume for your little one’s princess-themed birthday party. Using this tutorial, see how you can turn leggings, a tank top, and tulle into a costume that will remind your little one of Princess Jasmine’s own flowy ensemble.

Hair: Jasmine’s hairstyle is long and ponytailed, separated by hair ties to make a “bubble” ponytail! Try this video that will show you the best way to achieve this beautiful hairdo inspired by Princess Jasmine!