How to Decorate for a Frozen Party

Posted on June 8, 2018

Frozen is a cultural phenomenon that most of us just can’t escape from! Kids are drawn to it, and even birthday parties can’t escape the grasp of Anna and Elsa. If your little Frozen fan requests a birthday party inspired by their favorite movie, here are some helpful ideas for how to decorate your winter wonderland for to rival the great fairytale itself!

Starting with your color scheme, go for pale blues and ice white to evoke the chilly atmosphere. These colors will be perfect for almost every part of your decor. Banners and streamers will be great wall decorations, especially if they’re made up of paper snowflakes or icicles. Ruffled streamers are a unique idea that will give your party space an extra touch of magic. These will be gorgeous in your party colors and will help evoke that frozen wonderland Anna and Elsa reside in.

Even your food tables can be beautiful! It’s easy to say that food tables are for food and don’t need to be decorated, but intentionally turning them into something beautiful will help make your princess party even more memorable for your little ones. There are tons of ways you can do this, from making pretty Frozen-themed food to decorating your dishes and containers in a way that will immerse everyone in the world of your party.

If you’re going to be serving a meal at your princess party, you can also make your table a key part of your Frozen party decor! Centerpieces, table runners, and place settings will all go a long way toward making your princess party decor go from an afterthought to one of the stars of the show. Your little ones will be delighted to be surrounded by pretty party elements from start to finish.

A magical princess party is in store when you use exciting decor ideas to make your little ones feel like they’re in the world of Frozen! It will feel like Anna and Elsa themselves are around to celebrate with your little princess fan, and that will be the most magical birthday ever!