How to Decorate for a Tiana Party

Posted on October 11, 2018

The Princess and the Frog has inspired little ones everywhere to fall in love with Princess Tiana, frogs, and the southern bayou. A princess party featuring Tiana will be full of colorful decor and fun accents that will give your little princess the birthday of her dreams.

Tiana’s story played out on screen with vibrant greens and purples, which make for a gorgeous decor color scheme for all of your party essentials. Even the most basic items like plastic tablecloths or balloons will become magically beautiful when they are themed to match Tiana’s story.

Greenery and foliage will be beautiful throughout your party, whether you use real flowers and leaves, fake ones, or cut some out of paper for banners, streamers, and more. Frogs are obviously a large part of Tiana’s story, so using frog figurines (and construction paper lips!) throughout your party area will be a lovely way to pay homage to the fun fairytale that we love.

Lily pads are another thing to incorporate into your party to pay homage to the fun scenery from Tiana’s tale! Using them as placemats, wall decor, or signs will help set the stage for an exciting, Tiana-inspired day. It’s always a great idea to put out tulle, streamers, and pretty, glittery things to enhance the princessy feel of your little one’s big day!

Your little girl is going to love having a party featuring her favorite princess, Tiana! There are tons of ideas that will help you deliver the birthday party your little girl has been looking forward to all year, and she’s going to love her Princess and the Frog party.