How to DIY Your Kid's Next Birthday

Posted on June 15, 2018

Remember when most birthday parties consisted of a sheet cake, a game, and opening presents? Well, those sweet and simple parties still exist, but they’ve also gotten kicked up a notch. Some parents opt for a planned-to-perfection, magazine-worthy party full of details that would give some people’s home decor a run for its money, but other parents still love the homemade and handmade versions of birthday parties that are full of DIY elements and perfectly imperfect fun.

While every birthday party is beautiful and amazing in its own way, there’s something special about the classic DIY-ed backyard birthday. If you’re hoping to throw one of these charming soirees for your little one this year, here are some things to think about as you brainstorm ideas for your crafting plan!

It's easy to go into DIY projects thinking it will be cheaper than purchasing your decor items and party necessities. It can be, but it’s also possible to go down the Pinterest rabbit hole and find yourself $300 into your $150 budget. Make sure you have budgeted out all of the projects you want to do and know how much the materials will cost before you commit to all of them. Start planning early so you can be on the lookout for sales and coupons for the materials you need.

Decide which projects you absolutely have to DIY and which ones you’re okay with buying or skipping altogether, especially if you have a short timeframe for getting all of your decorations together before the big day. Sometimes it’s better to buy something you’d hoped to make yourself if making it yourself means staying up until three in the morning on the day of the party!

Prepare yourself with plenty of tutorials and videos, and some extra materials to account for your learning curve. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes keep you from crafting to your heart’s content! Your son or daughter’s birthday party will be even more special when you give it that handmade touch that will make it truly memorable.

For ideas for specific DIY projects, look into decor and activities, which are some of the easiest things to DIY when you want to add a personal, homemade touch to your little one’s big day. Keep in mind how much time you have to finish your tasks so that you aren’t left with a pile of uncompleted projects when the special day finally arrives.

The best birthday party DIY projects will be the ones that can be created quickly, cheaply, and without stressing you out. Some of the most decorations are the simplest ones. Here are a few ideas for DIY decor projects that will help you put a handmade spin on your child’s birthday.

Fashion a decorative garland to dress up your party space. Garlands can be customized using different materials, so it makes it easy to create a beautiful one even if you don’t have time to run to the craft store first. This tissue paper garland uses string and tissue paper, both of which you probably already have laying around somewhere. This fabric tassel garland is another easy DIY that you can color coordinate with your child’s party theme and whip up with plenty of time to spare.

For outdoor parties, try this cute flour heart stencil, which you can customize into any shape to match the birthday party theme. This decor idea can easily turn into an activity if the kids want to create their own shapes and have them appear on the sidewalk! Another great idea for outdoor party decor you can DIY is a balloon arch. Pick balloons in colors that match your party theme and you’ll have a colorful, fun outdoor party decoration.

If you’re having food at your birthday party, consider dressing up your table with some colorful DIY projects. A cheerful popsicle stick runner splattered with bright colors will be a cute addition to your table spread. All you need are popsicle sticks, tape, and paint. Another way to get a crafty and cute table is to decorate with washi tape. Cups, napkins, food containers—it can all be mader cuter with washi tape, which is a well-known secret to quick and easy DIY projects.

There are also some ways to DIY your party activities! These certainly will be worthwhile crafting projects, because your birthday boy or birthday girl and their friends will have fun playing with these projects. You can DIY a piñata that will be the star of the party. Another great birthday party activity DIY is photo booth props that can lead to hours of fun.

Crafting decorations and party elements for your child’s birthday party will be just the thing to turn your little one’s party into one to remember. If you’ve got ideas, you’re already on your way to DIY-ing the best birthday party ever!