How to Dress Up For a Princess Party

Posted on February 19, 2018

When your little girl chooses to have a princess birthday party, she might want to dress up (and have her friends dress up) for the big day, especially if there’s one specific princess who’s stolen her heart and imagination. If you’re suddenly panicking about how you’ll find a princess-worthy outfit for your little one, don’t! Here are some ideas for how to help your daughter dress up as her favorite princess.

If you want to purchase a new princess costume for your child, you can go to a site like Party City that offers a variety of Disney princess outfits that are sure to please. These can be expensive, however, so sometimes it’s better to see what less expensive options are out there, especially if you think your little girl will likely only wear the costume once or twice.

Another option is to check out what you may already have hiding in your closet or attic. You don’t necessarily need to have a branded costume that matches the movie to a T for it to still feel like a special princess-inspired outfit for the occasion. Costumes from Halloweens past are a great option to check out, as are any old prom dresses or bridesmaids dresses you might have held onto. With the help of a sewing machine, prom dresses can easily become princess gowns!

Thrift stores also hold a treasure trove of potential princess attire, as people who choose not to hold onto their bridesmaid dresses or prom dresses likely donate them to their local Goodwill. Also be on the lookout for formal gowns, Halloween costumes, or even graduation gowns. These offer a pretty good amount of shiny fabric you can refashion into princess attire.

For princess accessories, you might have crowns, wands, or costume jewelry hanging around in toy boxes or costume chests. These are often found pretty easily at dollar stores, too. DIY princess crowns will add a sweet and special touch to your princess costume.

If you want to suggest that the other children come to the party wearing their own princess costumes, consider addressing this in your invitations. You can include wording like “Please come dressed as your favorite princess.” If you want to make sure that no one is left out, it might be a good idea to have a couple of extra dresses or accessories around.

Princess parties are even more fun when your little girl and her friends dress up like their favorite princess characters! These ideas will help you come up with the perfect costumes, dresses, and accessories to turn your little one into a real-life princess!