Princess-Inspired Party Drink Ideas

Posted on July 31, 2018

A lot of emphasis is placed on the food that you serve at a birthday party. What kind of snacks will you serve? Are you serving a meal? What about a cake or dessert? No matter what kind of food you’ll set out for your guests, you will probably want to serve them some drinks to rehydrate them after a long few hours of playing. If you’re having a princess party, you might want to have drinks that match your theme to keep the magic going.

Often, party hosts will have several options for drinks so that everyone can find something they like. Water, juice, and pop are all good ideas for a kid’s party, though some parents aren’t fond of serving sugary sodas to younger children. It’s up to you, though it’s probably a good idea to have other drink options available if you will be serving soda. Check out these special princess party drink ideas that will make all your little ones feel like royalty!

Pink drinks are perfect for a princess party! This Princess Sparkler drink is a fun take on typical birthday party punch. There’s a pretty, colorful effect with these drinks, which are made of strawberry lemonade, gatorade, and 7-Up. The drink will actually form visible layers (based on sugar content) that it give it an ombre look. You can switch up your liquids if you want to play around with different colors. If your princess party won’t be all-pink-everything but will instead use the color scheme of a particular princess character, find drinks that match and get to mixing!

A decadent treat is always welcome at a princess birthday party. Party punch has been a popular birthday drink for generations, and this princess party punch is a wonderful version to serve at your little one’s birthday party. Pineapple juice, pink lemonade, sherbet, and ginger ale are the ingredients to this sweet pink creation. The melted sherbet adds a delicious texture to the drink that all your little princes and princesses will love.

There are also special themed drinks you can make that correspond to particular princess characters. This Aurora Sunrise mocktail is a perfect treat for a Sleeping Beauty princess party! It’s a fruity drink made of orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemon lime soda, and grenadine and topped off with a fresh slice of fruit. How perfect would this be for your Aurora-inspired party?!

For an Ariel-inspired party, try Sparkling Mermaid Lemonade! The fruity drink is a combination of lemonade and lemon-lime soda. Turn it blue like the ocean with food coloring, and then add in swedish fish on a straw for extra ocean-like fun. Imagine how cute it would be setup on a nautical food table full of mermaid treats!

The possibilities are endless for princess party drink ideas! If you have a specific princess in mind for your little one’s birthday party, think about what kind of drink you can craft that is inspired by their fairytale story. Even if you stick with a pink fizzy princess drink, you are sure to make your princess fans happy!