Should I Hire a Party Planner?

Posted on August 30, 2018

Lots of people hire party planners to help them put all their birthday party ideas in motion smoothly and effortlessly. Some see this as an unnecessary expense when they have family and friends who are willing to help out, but others find the assistance of a party planner to be extremely helpful and worth the money in the grand scheme of things.

What is it that party planners actually do? Well, they plan your party. They’ll ask you what kind of birthday party you want for your child. A princess party? A video game-themed party? A superhero party? Your party planner will take your ideas and actually bring them to life and help you figure out what exactly it is that you want. They’ll help you manage your money and deal with your vendors and entertainers. Basically, a party planner manages all of the details, large and small, to help you know that you’re getting a birthday party that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

So, how do you know if hiring a party planner is the best way for you to go? Examine your budget and determine if it’s a possibility for the funds you have to work with. Decide whether or not you’d like to spend the extra money on a person whose job it is to make sure everything goes smoothly. Are there other things you’d like to spend your money on? Or are you someone who’d rather have the peace of mind knowing that someone is watching out for the success of your party?

If you’re hosting a small, backyard birthday party, you don’t need to spare the extra expense. If you’re hosting a larger event, it might be a good idea to have an extra brain to help you keep track of the details. Elaborate Sweet Sixteen birthday parties often call for the expertise of a professional party planner, but a third birthday held mainly for family is likely something you won’t need a party planner’s assistance to pull off.

While many people view party planners as the people who put out fires and calm down the host when things go awry, that’s not all they do. According to Danielle Nunez Seaberg of Grand Events of Florida, a party planner coordinates day-of things so that the host of the event can actually enjoy it:

“Even if there are no problems, someone needs to quarterback the event. Caterers need to be shown to the kitchen, the DJ needs to know where to access electrical service, the valet people want to know if they can park on the grass, and it goes on and on. Most people who plan their event on their own spend the entire event answering question after question. An event planner will take care of everything like a conductor leading an orchestra. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the party of the year, possibly the best party of your life!”

When choosing whether or not to hire a party planner, consider whether you have the budget and how much value you’d put on an extra hand and head around to help you plan, make ideas come to life, and make all the details come together smoothly.