Snow White Party Decorating Ideas

Posted on April 2, 2018

Princess parties don’t get more classic than Snow White. When your little one wants to have a princess party honoring their favorite princess, Snow White, your mind might be spinning with decor ideas from the start. Snow White’s story is full of iconic charm and inspiration for a lovely and magical princess party!

There are so many ideas you can glean from Snow White’s fairytale that will make for gorgeous princess party decor. As the fairest of them all, Snow White has a fabulous story to tell that gives you plenty of opportunities to work cute woodland creatures into your decorations. Popular decor schemes for Snow White parties include going more toward the enchanted woods end of the spectrum, or the brighter, red apple-themed soiree.

If you decide to go the route of an enchanted forest wonderland, you can truly give your little one an enchanting afternoon. Fairytale forests are so charming and they make for a wonderful backdrop for a princess party. Use a color scheme of browns, greens, and pinks to give your decor that touch of natural magic. Greenery and flowers are a must for Snow White’s forest, as are representations of deer, rabbits, birds, and other helpful forest animals that would spend time with Snow.

The more traditional Snow White party decor is bright red, yellow, and blue, and poison apples everywhere! Parties like this call for plenty of color, charm, and homages to the sweet side of Snow White’s fairytale. The dwarfs often come into play with this style of decor and offers the opportunity to play with their iconic personalities as an added touch of charm. Some extra sweet ideas include putting out magic mirrors, apple cutouts, or a dwarf banner.

A magical Snow White Party is on the way when you come up with ideas that will surprise and excite your little ones. If your kid’s favorite princess is Snow White, you can’t go wrong with a lovely party inspired by Snow!