Unique Venues for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Posted on November 7, 2018

Searching for ideas for birthday party venues that aren’t your backyard? You’re in luck! There are tons of unique and exciting places in every town that offer the use of their space and services for children’s birthday parties. Lots of times, all you need to do is pay a package price that covers everything the venue offers for each child. It may seem like a lot of money, but think about how much you’d spend on food and entertainment alone when you host the party at home. Here are some unique party venue ideas for your kid’s upcoming birthday!

Arcades are totally classic! Most will give each kid a certain amount of money for games included in the price of your party, so the kids will get the full arcade experience. Having a birthday party at an arcade is great for kids who like to play video games both competitively and individually.

A trampoline park is a really unique place to hold a birthday party. Where else can you literally bounce off the walls?! Birthday party packages at trampoline parks are perfect for kids who have energy to burn and want to do something they really couldn’t do anywhere else.

Older kids can have a lot of fun running around and, well, shooting at each other. It’s like a video game in real life. Paintball arenas are a great place to let your kids go wild in a safe environment. What could be more fun than hiding, ambushing, and getting covered in paint?

Does your kid’s birthday coincide with the release of a movie they’re really excited to see? Movie theater birthday parties can be really exciting for kids! Many theaters offer party rooms perfect for celebrations, and some will even let you have a private screening of a movie by renting out an individual theater.

Check with your local animal shelter to see if they offer birthday parties for kids! This is the perfect venue for aspiring vets or zoologists because they’ll get to spend time with animals in a new environment. A lot of times, the parties offered include a space for cake and presents, time with the pets that are up for adoption, and tours.