Who is Princess Party Ideas?

Hey! My name is Haley and I made this blog to share ideas and inspiration to help you throw the best princess party ever! Princess Party Ideas is your go-to resource for learning tips and tricks for anything and everything related to kids’ birthday parties. Contact me if you have birthday party ideas you want to share!

Learn All About Me

I’m a recent college grad with a degree in Communications. I work at a small company in my hometown and really love what I do. On the side, I run this blog and am always really busy! I love birthday parties and thought this would be a fun way to combine some of my interests.

Other things I enjoy include running, traveling, and cooking. I’m an only child and I’m really close with my parents, who are finally catching on to this whole technology thing and just might be reading this right now (Hi!). I have two dogs, Max and Bella, and I have a feeling I might end up as one of those cat ladies someday, but with dogs instead of cats.

Why I Like Princess Parties So Much

Princess parties are just so magical! When I was a kid, I loved watching Disney princess movies and liked to pretend that I was Belle or Cinderella. Let’s not dwell on the fact that I can’t sing to save my life, so my dreams of becoming a princess were short-lived. On my seventh birthday, my parents surprised me with the princess party that I’d been dreaming of my whole childhood!

It was the most exciting and magical day, and I still remember every single detail vividly, even fifteen years later. They even hired a princess performer, and for months and months I was just over the moon that I got to meet Cinderella in real life. I wanted to create this blog because I know how special it is to have a princess party when you’re a little girl, so I wanted to share ideas and tips to help parents give that wonderful gift of magic to their own children.