Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Three Year Olds

Posted on May 29, 2018

Before kids are school-aged, parties seem to be more for the parents than for the kids. Most little ones are just happy spending time with family and friends and won’t care whether or not their parties have all the bells and whistles of a themed-to-perfection soiree full of extravagant details. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t put together a party for them that they’ll enjoy. Three year olds have developed strong personalities and interests, so they’ll love a party that brings together some of their favorite things. Check out these ideas for party themes that are perfect for three year olds.

Does your little one have a sweet tooth? Cookies are the perfect treats for three year olds, and having a party that’s all about cookies is a wonderful idea. This milk and cookies party takes a simple idea and puts it center stage. It’ll be so much fun for your toddler to have a party that surrounds them with their favorite dessert. Decorations can include vintage-inspired elements like glass milk bottles for an extra sweet touch. Serve varieties of cookies or a cookie cake. If you want there to be a hands-on portion of the party, try letting the little ones decorate cookies with frosting, sprinkles, and help from an adult.

Animals are an interest for all little kids, and your birthday boy or girl will love to have a birthday party theme that’s all about their favorite creature. There will be plenty of fun in store when your decor, games, and food are themed to match a cuddly pet or ferocious wild animal. This “Young, Wild, and Three” birthday party shows just how well you can put this theme to use in a third birthday party. You can also have your child pick their very favorite animal and put together a party that reflects their love for it.

Three year olds love princesses. It’s no secret that fairytale princesses and their movies really draw little ones in, so your son or daughter likely already has a favorite princess character when they’re three. Picking a princess character to serve as the theme of your kid’s birthday party will be an easy way to come up with an entire cohesive party that you just know your birthday boy or birthday girl will love. This sparkly Cinderella party is a sweet way to pay homage to your child’s favorite princess that also won’t overwhelm your young guests.

Superheroes make for an awesome birthday party theme. Like princesses, they’re popular characters we all know and love, so it will be fun for everyone to really be immersed in the theme of their favorite superheroes. Whether you choose one specific hero or decide to go with a more generic superhero theme, it will be an exciting bash to celebrate your toddler’s special day. Give them a heroically fun day full of superpowers and themed decor and they’ll be amazed. A superhero birthday party is perfect for a three year old superfan!

Balloons and bubbles always seem to captivate children, especially young ones. Have a third birthday party that’s centered around these curiously fun objects for some guaranteed fun. It’ll be enjoyable for all the little ones to play around with bubbles and balloons. Decorate with them, too, and you have a built-in decorating scheme to go along with your super-fun theme. This bubbles party can be the starting point for your bubbles and balloons party. It’s a versatile idea that you can use to turn a party into a dream come true for your three year old.