Magical Decor Ideas for an Ariel Party

Posted on April 23, 2018

An underwater adventure is in store when you have an Ariel party for your little mermaid this year. Ariel’s fairytale is all about exploration and trying new things, and everything in her story makes for beautiful, perfect inspiration for your party decorations. The best way to give your little princess a magical party inspired by her favorite mermaid is to decorate it with details that look like they belong in an underwater wonderland!

Using nautical and ocean-themed decorations is a wonderful idea that any Ariel fan will love to see at her birthday party! This mermaid party featured on Kara’s Party Ideas uses netting, seashells, fish, foliage, and sand, which are beautiful elements that can be used throughout your party decor that will enhance the underwater feeling of your soiree. Combined with blues and greens, these decor ideas will work together to make a beautiful, ocean-like atmosphere for your little one’s party.

Sparkly touches like gems, rhinestones, or glitter will be reminiscent of the iridescent scales on Ariel’s mermaid tail! This party featured on Kristen Hewitt used fabric interwoven with shiny threads or beads that will make for an adorable banner or bunting for your food table. This will be an easy way to add even more sparkle to an already beautiful party space. Another idea for how to glitz up a cake table or your dining table is to use shapes that actually look like mermaid scales to dress things up!

Another great idea for an Ariel-inspired party is to set out decorations that will remind your party guests of Ariel’s coveted collection of land knick-knacks. Treasure chests full of old shiny things along with beaded necklaces will be a cute addition to your mermaid decor. This fancy mermaid party on DIY Inspired uses “dinglehoppers” and other items like what would be found in Ariel’s collection of treasure for a unique touch.

An exciting mermaid party is in store when you put your decor ideas into action and decorate with lovely, Ariel-inspired details. Your child’s birthday party will be the most magical one ever!